WorldSwap 2.0 — A state-of-the-art Farming Ecosystem


DUBLIN kickstarted WorldSwap’s presence in BSC…
AMSTERDAM included our first auto-burn feature…
PARIS premiered some juicy multipliers with rolling upgrades and fee reduction structures…
TOKYO brought along lessons learned and fixes to all reward incentives
MADRID was the first one to include tax-based autoburns, a new anti-whale mechanism, and airdrop incentives…
SINGAPORE introduced a buyback-producing lottery, and an big upgrade to the tax-based burning mechanism (a lesson learned from MADRID)…

Our motto since day one has been to turn WorldSwap into a great farming experience for investors.
City after City, we’ve constantly been adding new features, improvements and lessons learned from previous editions.

But even among all changes, there has always been something constant: Every time we release a new City, there is a considerable number of community members and investors that -in their aim to buy the Tokens in the first minutes end up paying disproportionate amounts of money for a Token that was always meant to be sold at a $1 Token price.

What’s going on, then?

Whales, Bots, and Pumpers & Dumpers. That’s it.
The following 5-min candlestick chart was taken just 15 hours after Singapore’s launch.
Regardless of being SIN’s graph chart, as seen City after City after City after City, this price chart is representative of each and every City we’ve released up until now.

Singapore (SIN) being abused by liquidity bots

Regardless of which measures we implement, and independently of how many big and small improvements we bring along to new cities, there’s a constant that never changes: Liquidity abuses coming (mostly) from whales and bots.
By listening to the events that the smart contracts emit, they are able to automatically buy the Token as soon as liquidity is added by the dev team; accessing the liquidity earlier and faster than any real human being would ever be able to manually do.

Introducing the WorldSwap Ecosystem

Things are changing at WorldSwap, big time.
With the introduction of the WorldSwap Ecosystem, we’re reaching four of our main milestones since our first release:

1 Token = 1 USD

Up until now, buying the WorldSwap’s City Tokens at their initial price was an odyssey against bots that only a few investors were able to accomplish.
Liquidity strategies that worked perfectly fine for DUBLIN’s launch, with a community of 100 member, didn’t work out for SINGAPORE, in a booming 1200-member community.
We have been building fast, and our community grew with us…
In a much faster rate than what we were expecting.

The rise in community members and investors, in addition to the aforementioned damaged inflicted by whales and liquidity bots, is a direct call for urgent action.

Many community members asked for a solution to this issue, and after a lot of brainstorming, sleepless nights of programming and a couple hundreds cups of coffee, we’re proud to introduce WorldSwap’s new City launch model!

Starting Today, all users are guaranteed to be able to buy the City-Token at a fixed initial price of $1.
No more bot abuses.
No more whales.
No more buying early and paying high.
1 Token = 1 USD. That’s it.

Bot-Safe Token Offering methodology
Token offerings will be performed in a fully democratic way: using a first-come first-serve methodology.
All investors and community members interested in acquiring the Token at $1 will be able to buy the Token at this guaranteed fixed rate, regardless of whales or bots.
In Kiyv’s case, the Total Initial Supply available for the Token Offering process is of 5,000 KBP.
Token price will be the same to everyone, 100% guaranteed.

Boosting City-Token Uniqueness

WorldSwap’s yield-enhanced farms are great for investors looking for high-risk high-reward opportunities, no doubt about it!
But, in truth, if we keep printing/minting new Tokens forever, their value will always tend to organically decrease over time. It’s plain simple math.
This is not specific to WorldSwap, of course; it is how all farmable Tokens work, and there’s no much escape to it.
An unlimited Token supply is -simply put- unsustainable.

Luckily, we’ve got your back 💪
In order to reduce supply and promote City-Token uniqueness, starting on Sunday Jun 13 at 21:00 UTC all old-City Farms will stop emitting Tokens.
Halting the Token emission in old Cities brings a huge benefit for those investors and community members who remained invested in old Cities.

By upgrading the paradigm for those City-Tokens with a previous unlimited supply, this new liquidity model turns every City/Token into a very scarce resource.
This new time-based emission limit schema, paired with the total Token supply decrease caused by all burn mechanisms in place, boost all City-Tokens to a new level.

This upgrade from an infinite supply schema to a limited Max Total Supply model takes effect for: Dublin (BSC), Amsterdam (BSC), Paris (BSC), Tokyo (Polygon), Madrid (BSC) and Singapore (Polygon).

City-Farm Lifecycle: 1-week Cities (+Max Total Supply)
To increase the City-Token uniqueness even more, all new Cities and Farms will have a time-restricted Token emission period of only 1 week.

Starting with KYIV, all farms will emit Tokens for a limited period of only 7 days.
After this 7-day phase, the farm will stop producing new Tokens; all LPs and Pools will naturally become stagnant, and the Token supply in circulation at this point in time will become the Total Maximum Supply of City-Tokens, the max number ever to be created.
This 7-day Lifecycle period allows farmers to recurrently generate high-yields.

When the farming period has ends, those investors looking to continue farming will be able to automatically stake their current deposits onto the following same-chain City LPs and Pools.
Additionally, investors will benefit from being able to farm at the super-high APRs that newly released cities features at launch.
This new automatic fund-allocation feature will not be initially included in KYIV, but will be introduced in the short term, as new features are released.

The new same-chain City will be starting its 7-day farming period the same day the previous same-chain City finishes its own 7-day farming period.

The total supply at the farm halting time will become the new limited Max Total Supply of all City-Tokens ever created.
This new max supply will start to quickly decrease by means of burns, turning the Token more scarce and unique, helping it’s price increase over time.

WorldSwap’s Launch Schedule:
Recurrent Weekly launches, 1 new city per week on each Blockchain.

This enhanced Supply-reduction policy paired with our current burn-intensive schedule and the auto-burn features specific to each city, will help City-Tokens to become more and more unique and valuable over time.
This new implementation benefits both investors and WorldSwap’s community the most.

Time-limited Deposit Allowance

Kyiv will launch with a new deposit schema.
Deposits into City/Farm LPs and Pools will only be allowed for 12 hours since the farm starting time.
Time-restricting the deposits for all Non-City-Tokens is beneficial in 2 different ways:

It’s important to mention that all funds deposited prior to the time restriction will keep farming as usual, the only restriction taking action is for those investors looking to make new deposits into non City Tokens LPs and Pool.

To illustrate with an example, this is KYIV’s time-restricted deposit schedule:

WorldSwap’s launching schema (1 new city in each blockchain, weekly) in conjunction with the new 1-week Max Total Supply policy which halts emission, will enable all investors to experience the benefits of time-limited high reward farming, by jumping between cities with reduced costs, and leveraging the access to a supply-limited asset; always remaining in a well-known, multi-audited, rug-pull safe and tested environment. This is WorldSwap’s value proposition.

Value addition for Tokens

Drastically reducing the Token supply is a great idea, but it needs to be paired with new use cases for the Token in order to increase its utility and demand.
This combination of reduced supply + increased demand helps the price of the Token to stabilize at healthier levels, and become stronger over time.

On-chain games = Token burn
All Cities, both old and new, will be receiving a major upgrade in the upcoming 2 weeks.
This upgrade will include “City Ambassador”, our first on-chain game, which will allow users to play and win City-Tokens, working at the same time as a Token-burning mechanism, which further reduces the -now limited- Token supply.

City-based NFTs (Limited Edition)
Each city will feature it’s own NFT marketplace where users and investors will be able to upload, offer and trade their own NFT creations.
In addition to this, we will be releasing limited edition official City-based NFTs from partner artists.
This shiny new NFT marketplace, which will be released during the next month, will bring an extra layer of added value to all City-Tokens.

We’ll be introducing the WRLD Token soon…
but that’s a subject for another post 😉

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