WorldSwap Bali Edition

Welcome to WorldSwap Bali 🇮🇩

  • First edition to feature a contract-enforced Auto-Liquidity policy (2% tax)
  • Contract-based decreasing Emission Rate policy (Lifecycle-based)
  • Token Offering schema at a $1 fixed price (denominated in MATIC)
  • Limited supply: Max Total Supply cap of approx 115,000 DPS Tokens (1-week Token emission)
  • Anti-whale and auto-burn (2% tax) mechanisms
  • Initial minting 75,000 DPS: Token Offering allocation + 16,000 DPS for Initial Liquidity.
  • Initial Liquidity locked forever on LPs
  • Initial DPS price: $1 (in MATIC)
  • Audited Codebase 🔒
  • Community-Reviewed🔒
  • Dynamically decreasing emission rate (scheduled in stages).
  • Stage 1: Emission rate: 27 DPS/BLOCK, during the first 10 minutes of farm.
  • Stage 2: Emission rate: 0.9 DPS/BLOCK, during the following 2 hours of farm.
  • Stage 3: Emission rate: 0.4 DPS/BLOCK, during the following 24 hours of farm.
  • Stage 4: Emission rate: 0.15 DPS/BLOCK, during the following 24 hours of farm.
  • Stage 5: Emission rate: 0.03 DPS/BLOCK, during the following 118 hours of farm (last 5 days of farming)
  • Stage 6: Emission rate: 0 DPS/BLOCK. Farm completion time (end of lifecycle policy).
  • Enhanced multipliers for DPS LPs and Token
  • Renounced MasterChef Ownership (devs can’t change it)
  • Multipliers can’t change
  • Deposit fees can’t change
  • Farms/Pools can’t be added
  • Runs on Polygon (Matic)
  • Rug-pull safe
  • No migrator code


DPS Token: 0xE34d3f3FB76B0d0ff1eae588729d7da4b70d41D2
MasterChef: 0xaD29A666076Bf6a6cf47D97258025dbcFa2C4989 [Renounced Ownership]

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Multi-Edition & multi-Chain DEX with the best APYs

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WorldSwap Finance

WorldSwap Finance

Multi-Edition & multi-Chain DEX with the best APYs

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